Frequently Asked Questions

"How do I know what night my age group will be playing on?"

 - We have recently updated our house league section with this information for 2017. Please follow the link to the "House League Updates page.

"Why does my credit card not work when I am trying to do the online registration?"
     - In order to ensure that we maintain confidentiality of credit card information for our members we have chosen to use PayPal as our payment process vendor. We do not get any of your credit card information at all when it comes to your final transaction for payment, all we get is the money deposited into our account minus a fee that PayPal charges us. If you are having an issue with completing a transaction through the PayPal website you will have to get in touch with PayPal to determine the issue. Here is a short list of some of the issues that you may have when you are trying to use a credit card on the PayPal site because you do not have a PayPal account;
- credit card number has been entered incorrectly
- address that you have entered does not match the address for that credit card
- insufficient funds available on the credit card to complete the transaction
- incorrect CCV security number from the back of the card has been entered
- incorrect expiry date has been entered
- card has expired
- if you do not have a PayPal account then you need to make sure that you are selecting the Don't have a PayPal account? Pay with your debit or credit card as a PayPal guest

"Where can I get a receipt for the Child Fitness Tax Credits?"

     - Child Fitness Tax Credit Receipts are automatically sent to your email address when you register and pay online using PayPal or Credit Card, otherwise they will be issued at the end of the baseball season (Typically in September) but can be requested at any time. Please send your request to our Treasurer at Please include your child's name, year of birth, and indicate whether they played in our House or Rep program. You 

"What night of the week will my child play on?"
  - Scheduling cannot be finalized until we know how many kids are enrolled in each division and we have confirmed diamond time from the Town of Ajax; however, each year in February, we try to put a tentative schedule of playing nights together.  Please check the home page for this schedule.


"Unfortunately, my child cannot play this season. Where can I request a refund?"
     - To request a refund, please contact your Division Convenor (contact information can be found on our main page, under ABOUT US | EXECUTIVE MEMBERS.) and they will contact the Treasurer on your behalf. The ASMBA's policy is to not issue refunds after May 31st.


"Why doesn't the ASMBA issue refunds after May 31st?"
     - The Ajax Spartans Minor Baseball Association (ASMBA) is a 'Not for Profit' organization, and as such, every dollar collected is re-invested into Equipment, Infrastructure, and helping us make your child's baseball experience better. Our seasons typically start at the beginning of May, and all fees collected are allocated towards the costs associated with that season (Uniforms, Equipment, etc.) If your child cannot play this season, and a refund is issued, we do our very best to make sure that this newly vacant spot is filled by another child who is able to play, and that we can recover the investment that the Association has already made for your child.
    The ASMBA maintains a waiting list of children that would like to play, but are unable to because of space and team restrictions. We keep this list until May 31st, at which time; we close the books on registration. 
    Issuing a refund after May 31st means that the ASMBA would be unable to recover this season's costs that we have incurred on your child's behalf. This shortfall would likely come out of next year's budget, resulting in higher registration costs, or a lesser overall experience for the children next year.
      We feel that one month is more than enough time to determine whether your child should/will be playing for the entire season.


“Can I make a special request for my child to play with a specific coach/player?”

    Our biggest complaint over the past few years was that some teams were not balanced based on the player’s skills. In efforts to ensure a more balanced league this year we will not be able to honor your request to play with other specific players unless you have stated that you would be willing to Coach a team. If you are willing to be the coach for a team then you will be allowed to select two other Assistant Coaches to help and assist you. The remaining players on your team will be selected using the automated system. If you are not able to be a Coach then all players will be placed on teams using a skills automated ranking system. If you are a new player to the league then you will be assigned an average skill level for selection purposes. If you have stated that you are able to Coach, your division Convenor will contact you to discuss who you would like to have on your team as Assistant Coaches.


"I want to issue a complaint/I have a concern about a coach. Who should I contact?"
    - All concerns and complaints should be immediately directed to your Division Convenor (contact information can be found on our main page, under ABOUT US | EXECUTIVE MEMBERS.) It is the Convener's responsibility to address any concerns with the teams/staff in their division. 
    If you do not feel that your complaint/concern was addressed properly, we encourage you to contact our Vice-President and President.


"I want to issue a complaint/I have a concern about an Umpire. Who should I contact?"
    - All concerns and complaints should immediately be directed to the Association's Supervisor of Umpires (contact information can be found on our main page, under ABOUT US | EXECUTIVE MEMBERS.) 
    It is the Supervisor's responsibility to address any concerns with Umpires. If possible, please make note of the Date, Time, Diamond, and whether the Umpire was in the infield, or behind the plate. This makes it easier for us to determine which umpire is being addressed.    
    If you do not feel that your complaint/concern was addressed properly, we encourage you to contact our Vice-President and President.


“Can my child play in a different division than his/her birth year?”

    Any request to play outside your child's birth year must be forwarded in writing to house league convenor for your division. It will require Executive approval.  As this does take some time requests must be made prior to March 1st of the season.


“What do I get for my House League registration fee?”

    At the beginning of each season, players are provided with a team jersey and a hat. During the season you will also receive a team and individual photo.  House League Divisions play approximately 12 regular season games depending on weather, with a final championship at the end of the regular season. House League also holds special events throughout the season. Details on these events will be provided throughout the season.


“My child has never played baseball before, what level should I enroll him/her at?”

    Each division has it's own "newness" so players are all learning, children who haven't played before do not feel out of place. We recommend you place your child in his/her age-appropriate level.


“I've registered for House League, when will I hear from someone?”

    You should receive a call from your coach in mid to late April to advise when your pre-season meeting will take place.  At the meeting team uniforms will be distributed and schedules discussed. Our website main page will have Spartan News updated on a regular basis as well as a schedule of events down the left side of the page. 


“Where will my child play?”

     ASMBA plays on various diamonds throughout Ajax.  Diamonds are assigned to divisions based on the size of the field and the capabilities of the players, so the older age divisions play on the larger, mounded diamonds.  As our diamond allocation from the Town of Ajax varies from year to year, and our registration by division varies as well, we are unable to confirm in advance of the season where children will play.


“What division will my child play in?”

    Children are place in divisions based on birth years.  Each season, the division associated with your child's birth year will be posted on the website under the registration tab.


“Can my daughter play baseball?”

    We welcome all players to learn the game of baseball.


“What equipment does my child need to play baseball?”

    At the first team meeting, your child will be given a team jersey and baseball cap.  Other wise the only required equipment are comfortable, pants, jock, runners, and a baseball glove.  Helmets and all other ball equipment are provided by the league.  However you may choose to purchase your own batting helmet (it must have a chin strap).


“What kind of baseball will my child play?”

    Our website contains a summary of each division; see About Us > Programs or follow this link.