Rep Rules (EOBA &OBA)


OBA Constitution & Playing Rules


Baseball Ontario - Umpire Rules


Some additional Notes....

*Call ups must be identified on line up card



*Pitch Count violations are still forfeits except when pitch counter does not notify ump, When pitch counter notifies ump after max # is reached, then pitcher is removed & manager is ejected


*Select substitutions are between innings only, except pitchers or injuries


*Jewelry is allowed except for pitcher. Pitchers cannot wear jewelry, exception for pitchers is medic alert type bracelet


*Warming up pitcher, requires a mask when

1) pitcher is on rubber (field or bullpen)

2) person catching is behind plate

3) person catching squats (anywhere)

Rep rule - One warning per team, then immediate ejection 

Select rule just says when warming up a pitcher, a mask must be worn 

I would suggest do the same as rep - one warning per team, then toss them



Rookie Rep 

*game becomes official at 5 innings or any point where the opposing team is unable to win or tie the game


Rookie at bat

*Rep no change 5 strikes as called, not out if 5th strike is foul, unless caught before it touches the ground



Innings & Curfew

Rep & Select 7 innings 

Midget Select is confirmed at 7 innings (all SOBA rules)

Exception is 9 innings for Rep Minor bantam & up above EOBA single games (DHs are 7 innings)

1 hour 45 mins for Select Rookie to Bantam 

2 hours for Rep up to Peewee, Midget Select

2.5 hours for 9 inning games (rep minor bantam and above)

Select, if forfeit, teams can play a maximum of 2 hours 15 mins & umps must stay


Mercy (always read in 1/2 inning rule for home team)

Select 10 after 4

Rep Tournament (OBA) & Peewee & below 18 after 3, 15 after 4, 10 after 5

Rep Regular Season (EOBA) Minor Bantam to Midget 

In 9 inning games 15 after 5, 10 after 7

In 7 inning double headers 10 after 5



Curfew, only applies if not tied


Rep regular season (EOBA) 

up to Peewee - 2 hours No New Inning (NNI)