New to Ajax Spartans Baseball?? 

Hi and welcome to our site.  We are a not for profit baseball association that strives to bring the recreation and enjoyment of the sport of baseball to boys and girls ages 4 - 18.  We currently offer two different programs: 


Our mixed gender house league program begins the second week of May and continues once a week until, mid August, where it ends with our house league tournament. 

All games during the regular season are played on a specific night per division.  Game times are either 6:15pm or 8:00pm and depends on the team schedule and your child's age.  Games are played in Ajax, with most of the games occurring at Cedar Park or for the older kids, at Hermitage. 

There are 8 different divisions within the house league program.  Your child is placed in a division based on their year of birth.  Each division adds and develops new skills and rules. 

Jr T-Ball 
The game is very basic.  The ball is placed on a tee and hit off of it with a bat.  Every player is on the field and everyone gets to bat.  Scores are not kept and every child makes it home as they are not called out.  Game is 1 hour. 

The game is a little faster more skills are worked on but is still played very similar to Jr T-Ball.  Game is 1 hour. 

Minor Rookie 
The tee has been replaced by a pitching machine that slowly lobs in mush balls.  Children are called out and the field is defended with the regular 9 positions plus an extra pitcher (one on each side of the machine) and an extra outfielder.  We begin keeping score.  Game is 1 hour. 

The game continues to use a pitching machine and the mush balls are replaced with regular baseballs.  Children are called out and the field is defended with the regular 9 positions plus an extra pitcher (one on each side of the machine) and an extra outfielder.  Emphasis is placed on teaching the kids to make the play at first.  Game is 1.5 hours. 

The pitching machine is replaced with the kids pitching.  Stealing of second base is introduced.  Game is 1.5 hours. 

Game is very similar to regular baseball rules.  Game is 1.5 hours. 

Game is very similar to regular baseball rules.  Game is 1.5 hours. 

Game is very similar to regular baseball rules.  Game is 1.5 hours.

The house league program emphasises a fun and relaxed atmosphere where kids from all skill levels can learn the basic skills and rules of baseball.  Our coaches are parents, just like you, who volunteer their time and effort to the teams.  Some coaches do offer practices once a week; these are not mandatory and are at the discretion of the coaches and parents.  We are always looking for volunteers, if you are available in any capacity, please do not hesitate to contact our chief convenor.


Our Rep program is open to both boys and girls aged from 8-18.  "Rep" means that you are representing your local Association and this is the highest level you can compete at with the Ajax Spartans.   

Rep teams travel within Southern Ontario and will usually enter 2-4 tournaments per season with at least one being an away involving a 1 or 2 night stay at a hotel.  Rep teams generally play one to two games per week with some being on the weekends and the coach will usually run a practice a week as well. 

The Ajax Spartans Minor Baseball Association is affiliated with the Eastern Ontario Baseball Association (EOBA) and our loop goes from Pickering to the west, Brockville to the east and Peterborough to the north. 

Tryouts for our Rep teams are held in mid-September for the next season.  Tryout schedules are posted on our website.  To attend a tryout, you must first register with the ASMBA and have paid the registration fee and a nominal tryout fee.  The number of Rep teams will depend on the number of players trying out in their particular division and the availability of volunteers to coach and manage these teams. 

Volunteer coaches and managers are always needed for our Rep teams.  As Rep teams are more competitive than house league, to become a coach or manager of a Rep team you must obtain a coaching certificate by completing a coaching course and obtain a police background check with a Vulnerable section report.  Applications for Rep Managers (Head Coaches) are accepted in August, before the tryouts begin, and the applicant will go through an interview process. 

The cost associated with being on a Rep team is higher than with house league as it is more competitive and there is travelling involved.  Each player must pay Rep fees which are due May 1st.  Each team manager will create a budget for the team to cover many of these costs and some teams do fundraising initiatives to offset these costs. 

The Rep season begins in early May and could go to early September.  However, once the team has been selected, many of the managers start indoor practices in January.  Playoffs are usually held in mid August and provincial championships over the Labour Day weekend except at the Midget level which are held earlier. 

Rep baseball is definitely more competitive and more costly, but it is also a lot of fun for players who want to play a higher level of baseball and improve their skills. 

For further information, please contact our Rep Convenor; John Warwick.