Fair Play

Have Fun and Play Fair

Our goal is to promote sportsmanship and fair play, but once in a while a situation may arise where an issue remains unresolved in the eyes of one or more of the parties involved. For such instances, the ASMBA has implemented a Fair Play Committee. This committee, headed by the Vice-President, is charged with investigating and/or arbitrating such issues. All serious complaints will be investigated in a timely manner.

If the complaint is deemed unfounded, the complainant will be notified that no further action will be taken. All documentation will be destroyed 30 days after the notification.

If the complaint is deemed founded, the committee will be convened and an interview will be conducted with the named individual(s) if so desired. Following the investigations, a report will be generated and recommendations set out pending approval at the next monthly ASMBA executive meeting. Individuals will be notified by the Vice-President within 24 hrs or as soon as possible.

An appeal to the findings must be made in writing within 7 days of notification, after which the President, Vice-President and the individual(s) launching the appeal will conduct a recorded interview. A report will be made to the Executive.