Copy of our Umpire House League presentation.  I encourage all umpires who are umpiring HL games to review this. Umpire Meeting 2018.pdf.ppt

“Umpire Rep Cheat Sheet 2013”
Click on this link to see a pdf of the 2013 Umpire Rep Cheat Sheet

Umpires Pledge

In the name of all the officials, I promise that we shall officate in these Championships with complete impartiality respecting and abiding by the rules which govern them, in the true spirit of sportsmanship.

Official Rules of Baseball

Canadian Content Rules

2 Umpire Positioning Manual

3 Umpire Positioning Manual

4 Umpire Positioning Manual

Baseball Ontario "BLUE SIGNALS"

Blue Signals Summer 2016

Blue Signals Spring 2016

Blue Signals Winter 2011

Blue Signals Fall 2011

Blue Signals Summer 2011

Blue Signals Spring 2011

Blue Signals Update: SuperClinic Locations

Blue Signals Winter 2010 Edition


"Spectator Interference"