Subsidy Policy


As Accepted at the ASMBA Executive Meeting – March 10, 2015


  1. The Ajax Minor Baseball Association (ASMBA) recognizes the importance of children and youth to be given the opportunity to participate in baseball programs. The ASMBA Subsidy Program recognizes that occasionally some families might have temporary difficulty providing this opportunity. Subsidy shall be recognized as funds used by the ASMBA towards a specific player’s registration and/or surcharge fees for a specific reason.  
  2. Players and families requesting subsidy for their registration and/or surcharge fees shall notify a member of the Executive. The member shall bring this request forward to the next Executive meeting for review.
  3. The Executive shall discuss the request and base their decision on the information provided by the player and/or family. Consideration will be given to the stated ability to pay the registration and/or surcharge fees and the ability to demonstrate that an effort has been made to obtain any other community partnership that has approved partial/full funding. We have added a new link below to the new KidSport/Blue Jays fund as well as the Canadian Tire Jumpstart fund. The subsidy form that is required to be sent in for the KidSport grant will also need to be sent in to the Ajax Baseball executive for consideration if your KidSport (or other community partnership subsidy) request is not granted. When you have completed your request to one of these community partnership subsidy programs you will receive an email or a letter from them acknowledging that the process is started. This email or letter that you receive back and a copy of the completed KidSport form will need to be forwarded to the ASMBA Executive for consideration. All requests for subsidy will need to be sent to for Executive review.
  4. The approval of any subsidy should be viewed as the difference between a player participating in a program versus not participating in a given year. Subsidy should be used in situations of hardship where fees are unable to be paid rather than difficult to pay. Each and every case should be evaluated individually and independently. The Executive shall not place any case in a situation of comparison.  
  5. In situations where the Executive approves subsidy, the player or family shall not actually receive any funds.  
  6. Funds for subsidies shall be under the section General Administration costs and listed as Subsidy in the current budget approved by the Executive.  The process will involve a transfer of funds by the treasurer within the current approved budget. Upon depletion of these funds additional subsidy requests will be brought forward to the Officers for consideration.  
  7. Families and players requesting subsidy shall be informed of the decision of the Executive by the President or delegate. Any subsidy request or discussion shall be viewed as strictly confidential. The identity of any applicant, family or player or the decision of the Executive regarding subsidy shall remain confidential.

NEW in 2015, KidSport and Toronto Blue Jays subsidy program



Jays Care Foundation, the charitable arm of the Blue Jays, is proud to announce the extension of its partnership with KidSport. Jays Care will once again invest $100,000 this year which will provide 500 children & youth the opportunity to participate in baseball programs across Canada. In 2014, Jays Care’s $100,000 contribution provided 500 deserving kids a season of baseball and led to a 25% increase in KidSport baseball grants from 2013 to 2014.

If you know a player/family that could benefit from a KidSport baseball grant this summer, please pass along this information. Successful applicants will receive differing levels of funds depending on location within Canada. Funds will be submitted directly to successful applicants’ local baseball associations. Read below and see how easy it is to get in the game.


  • Children ages 18 and under are eligible to apply
  • KidSport considers the social and economic barriers facing the child''s family when determining eligibility for funding
  • Applicants must be a Canadian resident
  • Successful applicants will have their funds submitted directly to their local baseball association
  • Association/program must be a recognized member of theprovincial and/or national sport governing body
  • Grant applications are subject to additionaleligibility requirements that vary by province
  • Dollar value of successful grants will vary depending on specific communities and provinces

For more information, please visit:

If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, contact us via, phone: 519-740-3900 or by mail: Baseball Ontario, 3-131 Sheldon Drive, Cambridge, N1R 6S2.



Canadian Tire Jumpstart subsidy program is another option that is available in Ontario and available at this link.